About us

About us

Moin moin!

We are behind Bottlebase.com: Felix and Nico. We have already gained experience in web development together. We quickly found another common passion there. No matter if it's a Christmas party, a birthday or a visit to a bar after work - a gin and tonic was not to be missed. One thing we quickly noticed. There are many blogs that write subjective reports about different gins. What was missing, however, was a database where you could find extensive information about a gin and compare the impressions of the manufacturer and the enthusiasts themselves. The idea of Bottlebase.com was born.

Our vision is to be the place to go for manufacturers and enthusiasts of gin. Both manufacturers and the community should communicate their impressions transparently. This makes it easier to get involved with a gin and find new bottles.

Felix- Felix

Hi, I'm Felix. With Bottlebase.com I have found a project in which I can let off steam completely from idea, design to implementation of the grooving surface and can always try out and learn something new in an ongoing product. Perfect that the whole thing can be combined with a very pleasant passion like gin. What I love about gin and many other things like good food or coffee is mastered craftsmanship, which turns a normal everyday thing into art.

Nico- Nico

Hey! I'm Nico and I'm in charge of server and database development for Bottlebase.com. I also write one or two texts that you can read here. Besides gin I also enjoy a dram scotch whisky or a nice glass of red wine. But of course my interests are not only the enjoyment of alcohol! Skateboarding and video games are also part of my hobbies :)

We are always happy to receive questions, feedback or hints about new gins that are still missing in our database. Just write us a short mail.