Über uns
Bottlebase.com, that's us: Nico, Felix and Christoph. At the beginning of 2019 we realized that there was no good way to discover new spirits. Local distilleries and distilleries were not listed anywhere, which made it difficult to find new, exciting distillates from the surrounding area. Shortly afterwards, the idea for Bottlebase.com was born after a lunch together. A database that puts the local aspect in the foreground and shows the user which spirit is actually produced where. Especially in times of many marketing spirits, we want to shed some light on this. With many additional details we want to offer other enthusiasts, who would like to learn a little bit more about a distillate, a platform to inform & inspire.

We always welcome questions, feedback or hints about new spirits that are still missing in our database. Just write us a short mail.

Nico, Felix & Christoph