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How would you describe the character of the Breaks Rose Berry Gin?
Im Geschmack präsentiert sich der Breaks Rose Berry Gin weich, mild und fruchtig. Das Mundgefühl ist wärmend und sanft. Neben Wacholderbeeren, Rosenblätter und Litschis sind im Hintergrund Anklänge von Pfeffer, Zimt und Ingwer zu erkennen.
What is special about the Breaks Rose Berry Gin?
Die Zusammenstellung der frischen, handverlesenen Botanicals ist ungewöhnlich und einzigartig. Neben den Wacholderbeeren verwenden wir für den Rose Berry Gin unter anderem Lavendel, Orangenblüten, Zitronenschale, Rosenblätter, Himbeeren und Litschis.

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Staff opinion

staff-0 Nico

The Breaks Rose Berry Gin draws attention to itself with its pink color. You can already tell from the nose that no classic gin awaits you here. The sweetness of the raspberry and the floral aromas of the rose clearly dominate. This impression continues in the taste. The juniper is pronounced but fades behind the raspberry and rose. This combination works very well. The special taste experience continues when you add a tonic. Even if the Breaks Rose Berry Gin does not make a classic gin and tonic, I can therefore highly recommend it. Anyone who wants to refresh themselves with a slightly different gin experience on a hot summer evening, or is simply looking for a very fruity-floral gin, is well served here.

staff-1 Felix

The Breaks Rose Berry Gin is the perfect introduction to the world of gin for all lovers of sparkling summer drinks such as Hugo and Aperol-Spritz. What the Breaks Rose Berry Gin announces with its color continues in the nose, a floral and sweet aroma. When it comes to pure enjoyment, there are few other notes besides the strong raspberry taste, but sprinkled with tonic it certainly knows how to convince one or the other die-hard gin fan. Here is a test tip from me.


used in Breaks Rose Berry Gin

10 botanicals used in Breaks Rose Berry Gin. 4 of them are known.


about Breaks Rose Berry Gin

Worth knowing

about the Breaks Rose Berry Gin
This many bottles use more botanicals than Breaks Rose Berry Gin. In terms of price, this gin is in the midrange with 10 botanicals.
This botanical is only used in Breaks Rose Berry Gin.

How did the idea for the Breaks Rose Berry Gin come about?
In Zusammenarbeit mit der Patisserie Ludwig haben wir einen ganz besonderen Gin kreiert.

The best Gin & Tonic

For a perfect Gin & Tonic with the Breaks Rose Berry Gin we highly recommend the tonicwater Schweppes Dry Tonic Water

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Manufacturer's recipe

- Rose Berry Gin mit Wild Berry Tonic mischen (Mischverhältnis variiert von 1:1 bis 1:4, je nach Geschmack und Glasgröße) - Eiswürfel hinzugeben - Mit Himbeeren, Blaubeeren und einem Minzblatt servieren.

of Breaks Rose Berry Gin

How is the Breaks Rose Berry Gin made?
Im New Western style, weil nach dem destillieren noch Rosenblüten mit eingelegt werden.

Flavoring Maceration
Base alcohol Getreide
Distillations 4
Aged Unknown
Manufacturer Harald Reinholz
Master distiller Harald Reinholz
Bio certification Unknown
Storage Unknown
Bottlecap Kunststoff, Glas
Bottle material Glas

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