This is the taste of Föhr Gin "Ferring"

used in Föhr Gin "Ferring"

No details of used botanicals in Föhr Gin "Ferring" known.

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of Föhr Gin "Ferring"

Flavoring Unknown
Base alcohol Unknown
Distillations Unknown
Aged Unknown
Manufacturer Insel Gin
Master distiller Unknown
Bio certification -
Storage Unknown
Bottlecap Glas
Bottle material Glas

Föhr Gin "Ferring" was manufactored as a Dry Gin. Characterisics are:
  • Juniper is often the dominant note
  • Addition of non-plant flavourings and ingredients is permitted
  • Addition of sugar and sugar additives is not permitted
  • Most popular gin variety worldwide
  • Classic botanicals in dry gin are citrus fruits, cardamom or coriander


Insel Gin

Germany, Schleswig-Holstein

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