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The best Gin & Tonic

For a perfect Gin & Tonic with the Gin 2.0 we highly recommend the tonicwater Schweppes Dry Tonic Water

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No details of used botanicals in Gin 2.0 known.

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Flavoring Unknown
Base alcohol Unknown
Distillations Unknown
Aged Unknown
Master distiller Unknown
Bio certification Unknown
Storage Unknown
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Gin 2.0 was manufactored as a London Dry Gin. Characterisics are:
  • Juniper note almost always very dominant
  • Addition of artificial additives/flavours strictly prohibited
  • Addition of sugar limited to 0,5g per litre
  • The gin must be distilled at least 3 times
  • Alcohol content must be at least 37.5%
  • Basic alcohol must have an agricultural origin



Germany, Bavaria

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