This is the taste of Kent Dry Gin

What the manufacturer says about taste

How would you describe the character of the Kent Dry Gin?
Green, gorse-like sweetness pops at the nose; Kent is famously known as the Garden of England and the freshly plucked herbs and flowers are the loudest by far in Anno Gin. Lavender and juniper dominate the senses, with root botanicals like liquorice, angelica and orris root providing the impression of a thick, oily foundation underneath. It’s alluring and really conveys the idea of a Kentish, garden gin inspired by the rich bounty of their surroundings.
What is special about the Kent Dry Gin?
The sixteen botanicals we use include many foraged from our local county, including samphire from the Kent coast.

Worth knowing

about the Kent Dry Gin
This many bottles use more botanicals than Kent Dry Gin. Compared to others, this gin uses many botanicals with its 16.

How did the idea for the Kent Dry Gin come about?
In 2011, our founders Dr Andy Reason and Dr Norman Lewis left behind their roles as scientists to pursue their passion for craft spirits and open Kent's first gin distillery in 200 years. With one eye on the science behind making quality spirits and another on proudly displaying all that their home county of Kent has to offer, they duly created Anno Distillers and began the journey of a lifetime.

The best Gin & Tonic

For a perfect Gin & Tonic with the Kent Dry Gin we highly recommend the tonicwater Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water As a garnish we suggest: Samphire Limette

gintonic_article_link Gin Tonic Gin cocktails

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Manufacturer's recipe

Over ice, topped up with premium Indian tonic water and garnished with samphire and a slice of fresh lime.

of Kent Dry Gin

How is the Kent Dry Gin made?
To make Anno Kent Dry Gin, we add a neutral grain spirit to our 300-litre Carl still, Patience (named for long journey it took to get Anno off the ground). The spirit is diluted with water, then the “hard” botanicals (roots, berries and barks) are added, warmed and stirred overnight. The next day the more delicate ingredients (like flowers) are added into a vapour basket before the still is heated. The distillation run takes around six hours, with the hearts cut coming off the still at 90% ABV. This is then added to a 500-litre tank and blended down to 43% ABV with purified water. In total, 640 70cl bottles are produced per batch.

Flavoring Unknown
Base alcohol Neutralalkohol
Distillations Unknown
Aged Unknown
Manufacturer Anno Distillers
Master distiller Andy Reason
Bio certification Unknown
Storage Unknown
Bottlecap Unknown
Bottle material Glas

Kent Dry Gin was manufactored as a Dry Gin. Characterisics are:
  • Juniper is often the dominant note
  • Addition of non-plant flavourings and ingredients is permitted
  • Addition of sugar and sugar additives is not permitted
  • Most popular gin variety worldwide
  • Classic botanicals in dry gin are citrus fruits, cardamom or coriander

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