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How would you describe the character of the Müritz Gin?
Weich, sehr ausgewogene Kräuternote, frisch, fein, unaufdringlich und harmonisch
What is special about the Müritz Gin?
Seine Reinheit mit Wacholderbeeren aus dem Müritz-Nationalpark

Kein Gin & Tonic ohne passende

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Staff opinion

staff-0 Christoph

Juniper in particular is used in the Müritz Gin. The berries are harvested shortly before the end of the season at the end of winter and are therefore full of aromas. A total of 20 different botanicals provide the taste of Müritz gin, but juniper is by far the dominant note. This is followed by a light citrus aroma paired with a hint of sea buckthorn. A very slight sharpness sweeps across the palate, but disappears just as quickly. Above all, the Müritz Gin cuts a very good figure with this taste profile, but it also convinces as a gin and tonic. Together with the Fever-Tree Indian Tonic, the drink gets a slightly sweeter note, with the Schweppes Dry Tonic the juniper can be emphasized a little more. All in all a successful gin that I can highly recommend.

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about Müritz Gin

Worth knowing

about the Müritz Gin
This many bottles use more botanicals than Müritz Gin. Compared to others, this gin uses many botanicals with its 21.
This many bottles are more expensive than Müritz Gin. This gin at 45.98€ is one of the most expensive in our database.
This botanical is only used in Müritz Gin.

How did the idea for the Müritz Gin come about?
Durch die Wacholderheide im Müritz-Nationalpark

The best Gin & Tonic

For a perfect Gin & Tonic with the Müritz Gin we highly recommend the tonicwater Schweppes Dry Tonic Water

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of Müritz Gin

How is the Müritz Gin made?
Mazeration, Destillation, Lagerung, Abfüllung

Flavoring Unknown
Base alcohol Unknown
Distillations Unknown
Aged Unknown
Manufacturer Genusswunder GbR
Master distiller Unknown
Bio certification -
Storage Unknown
Bottlecap Holz, Kunststoff
Bottle material Glas

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