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staff-0 Nico

When you look at the Brogilus Gin, you will immediately notice the hand-written data, such as the year, bottling and bottle number. In addition, the Brogilus is stingy with description and is limited to simple statements such as "HERE IT'S NOT WORDS, BUT TASTE, THAT SPEAKS." (German: It's not the words that speak here, but the taste). It was precisely these little things that made me curious that I had to try this gin. I was allowed to try a bottle from vintage 17 and the 1110 bottling. This is important because, according to the manufacturer, the botanicals used can change with the vintage and bottling, so of course the taste is not always the same. The smell alone promised quality. A very balanced bouquet of juniper and spice made you want more. The taste confirmed this impression. Here, too, juniper and wort dominated me. Despite the 46%, the taste was unexpectedly mild. Pure liked the Brogilus Gin very much. But Brogilus Gin is also convincing as a gin and tonic. I prefer a variant with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water, which complements the spicy notes appropriately. All in all, a quality gin that convinced me. I will definitely try more bottlings. I have an unreserved recommendation.

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about Brogilus Gin

Worth knowing

about the Brogilus Gin
This many bottles use more botanicals than Brogilus Gin. Compared to others, this gin uses many botanicals with its 32.
This botanical is only used in Brogilus Gin.
Frische Kräuter
This botanical is only used in Brogilus Gin.

The best Gin & Tonic

For a perfect Gin & Tonic with the Brogilus Gin we highly recommend the tonicwater Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water

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of Brogilus Gin

Flavoring Mazeration Dampfextraktion
Base alcohol Getreide
Distillations Unknown
Aged Unknown
Manufacturer Brogilus Distillers
Master distiller Willfried Klammer
Bio certification Unknown
Storage Unknown
Bottlecap Holz
Bottle material weiß Klarglas
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distillery-1 [3]
distillery-2 [4]

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